A building society has no shareholders, its owners are its customers – the investors and the borrowers. So rather than make profits for institutional shareholders we turn them into better interest rates for customers – higher rates for savers, lower rates for borrowers. We also demonstrate how our mutual status can benefit you by giving the following:

  • We promise our investors that the interest rates on closed issues will be at least as good as the interest rate on an account with similar features from the current range
  • All our members are invited to recommend candidates for directors when board vacancies arise
  • We are committed to maintaining branches and agencies in local villages where we are often the only financial services provider in the area
  • No hard sell to get customers to take unrelated insurance products
  • Any mortgage indemnity insurance that is necessary is paid for by the Society
  • Support for local community projects
  • Key decisions taken locally at the heart of our branch network

…and of course the warm, friendly and helpful personal service which is the hallmark of building societies.