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If you want to invest £5,000 or more and have the peace of mind that your money will grow, read on. This account gives you the reassurance of a fixed rate of return until a fixed end date, so you’ll know exactly how much interest your money will be earning.

This is a practical choice if you don’t want to put your money away for several years, as the term is only 12 months from the day you open it (please note you can’t add to the bond after your initial investment or withdraw your money until the term is up.)

This could be the account for you if you’re looking for:

  • A guaranteed fixed rate of interest for 12 months
  • Reassurance that your money will grow
  • An account where you can invest £5,000 or more (up to £300,000)

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With effect from 6 April 2016

Min InvestmentAnnualMonthly
Gross AER Gross AER
£5,0001.35%1.35% - -
Summary BoxKey product information for this account
Account Name1 Year Fixed Rate Bond Issue 13
Interest Rate (AER)

The interest rate is fixed for one year. Please see interest rates tab for the current rate applicable.

At maturity of the fixed rate term, your account will automatically become an Easy Access Bank Base Rate Tracker. The interest rate will then become variable and will match the Bank of England Base Rate. Any increase we may make to the interest rate payable will take effect within one month of a change in the Bank of England Base Rate (click here to view the Bank of England Base Rate).

Tax Status

Interest is paid gross without tax deducted. With effect from 6 April 2016 most people will no longer be required to pay tax on savings income. Please see A Guide to the Personal Savings Allowance provided by HMRC for further details.

Conditions for bonusNot applicable to this savings account.
Withdrawal arrangements

This savings account is designed for a long term investment, therefore withdrawals are not permitted until maturity of the fixed rate term.

From maturity of the fixed rate term further deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time without notice or penalty.

The minimum withdrawal will be £250 and only cheque withdrawals will be allowed.

Subject to the conditions set out above, money can be paid out against a cheque from the start of the sixth business day following the day of deposit. Business day means a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday. Funds are available for immediate withdrawal for all other types of deposit.

AccessTransactions at branches or by post.

Interest is calculated on a daily basis up to and including the day before any withdrawal. For cheque receipts, interest is paid from the day after the cheque is deposited with us. For cash and automated credits, interest is paid from the day of receipt.

Each year on 1 December the interest earned will be credited to your 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond. Alternatively it can be paid to a bank or building society account, or transferred to another account with the Society.

We will write to you one month before the end of the one year term to advise you that your account is about to mature.  Unless we have received alternative instructions from you, after one year your 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond will automatically revert to an Easy Access Bank Base Rate Tracker.

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Thank you for your interest in our 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond.

To apply for this account, please complete the boxes with your name, email address and telephone number, then read the Society’s Savings Account Terms and Conditions and Interest Rates for Savers (see below) and tick the box to confirm you understand them. Please also view the Deposit Guarantee Scheme Information Leaflet and tick the second box to confirm you have seen it.

Please then click ‘Submit’ to obtain an application form and the declaration for this account which you should print, complete and return to:

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Please ensure you have enclosed the following with your completed application form and signed declaration:

1. Your personal cheque to open the account (requirement for new customers). Please note that your personal cheque does not need to be for the full amount you wish to invest in the 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond.

2. The required identification (if applicable) – please click here for details

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