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Hinckley & Rugby wins people development award

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society has won a Chamber of Commerce Award for its Commitment to People Development.

Hinckley & Rugby staff receive the Chamber’s Commitment to People Development Award at the Athena in Leicester

Hinckley & Rugby staff receive the Chamber’s Commitment to People Development Award

Hinckley & Rugby was one of the winners of the East Midlands Chamber’s Leicestershire Business Awards, thanks to putting its staff at the heart of the Society.

Hinckley & Rugby gives all staff the opportunity to develop their skills and experience within the workplace and to obtain external qualifications.

The Society’s focus on leadership and development comes from the top, with its chief executive totally committed to developing staff. Training is a unifying force for good through Hinckley & Rugby, the effects of which enable the Society to provide the outstanding service which attracts and retains loyal customers.

Staff are trained from their first day at Hinckley & Rugby to be customer-focused and, in branches, they are encouraged to get to know many of their customers by name.

Both the mortgage and savings team, based at the Society’s head office in Hinckley, are trained to have first-class telephone skills.

Staffing in the mortgage team has increased over the last few years, enabling all applicants to be assigned a case handler to deal with their application from start to finish.

One of the team collecting the award was Sam Roberts, assistant training and service quality manager, who had presented the Society’s entry to the judges and answered their questions during the judging process.

Sam said:

“We have long recognised that ‘growing our own’ provides the personnel needed as the Society expands and evolves. We will always need senior and experienced staff to step up to bigger roles and responsibilities. “That is why we consistently put the groundwork into equipping staff at all levels and in all teams with the tools they will need to step up. It’s wonderful that we have won this award, which is a tangible stamp of approval from the Chamber of Commerce and its judges.”

Staff attending the EMC Awards toast the Society's success

Staff toast the Society’s success

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