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Sir Frank Whittle students get wise to money

Students at Sir Frank Whittle Studio School are better prepared for their financial futures after a day of lessons about money sponsored by Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

WizeUp’s Ed Flack (centre) with Denise Bradshaw, John Redmond (far left) and pupils from Sir Frank Whittle Studio School.

The Lutterworth based school’s students covered topics including flat sharing and credit cards in sessions led by Ed Flack, a financial education expert from the not-for-profit WizeUp.

Ed said:

“Thanks to our fantastic sponsors at Hinckley & Rugby we were able to visit Sir Frank Whittle Studio School for the first time. It was a great day with loads of interaction from year 11 and 12 students.

“We covered student finance, budgeting, flat sharing, credit cards and ratings and taxation. It was a real privilege to be able to spend two and a half hours with each group.

“Anyone that has any doubts about the quality of young people leaving school over the next few years need have no fears – we are in safe hands.”

John Redmond, vice principal at Sir Frank Whittle Studio School, said:

“As a Studio School we are closely aligned to the best practices of business and industry and so we were delighted to be invited to host a whole day focussed on the financial education of our young people in areas that are vital to their future success.“Ed was superb at making all the topics covered engaging and students sent us emails afterwards saying things like ‘the speech was useful in terms of financially how much companies rely on credit ratings and how much going to university can affect you financially’ and ‘I found this really useful and have learned many new things’.

“I am very grateful to Hinckley & Rugby Building Society for this support as school budgets are tight and Ed’s work was of the highest standard.”

Denise Bradshaw, office manager for Hinckley & Rugby’s branch on Lutterworth’s High Street, dropped in to the Wize Up session and said:

“It was great to see how interested the young people were in what Ed shared with them. Learning how to manage their money will be invaluable for them as they move on to the world of work and independent living.”

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society has been sponsoring WizeUp’s work in schools in Leicestershire and Warwickshire since 2012.

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