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Criteria search is online at Hinckley & Rugby

Mortgage intermediaries can now quickly search online to check H&R for Intermediaries’ criteria lending policies thanks to a pioneering partnership with the sourcing system Criteria Hub.

The new initiative, one of a range of improvements to the revamped H&R website, enables searching using keywords or filters to examine the Building Society’s hundreds of criteria.

The criteria cover topics such as loan size limits, overtime income, gifts and new build warranties. Categories include employment, income, the property and the applicant and are broken down in turn to individual criteria. Or intermediaries can search by a keyword or phrase such as County Court Judgment, expat, visa, retirement and hundreds more.

The new development follows 2018’s role played by H&R in the vanguard of lenders first to join cloud-based Twenty7Tec’s MortgageApply online application process helping brokers save time and boost their productivity.

And in February this year H&R was the first UK lender to go live with an innovative digital system developed by Festina Finance in Denmark that supports quicker and more precise mortgage applications.

Jason Hegarty, founder of Criteria Hub, said: “Hinckley & Rugby has shown a real desire to explore new technologies that it can leverage to enhance its lending proposition.

“So we’re naturally delighted that it has partnered with us and will be using our lender API service to publish the most comprehensive set of criteria it has ever published on its intermediary facing website.

“We’re seeing more and more brokers start their sourcing journey from criteria. There is now a criteria search performed on Criteria Hub every ten seconds.

“By using our API Hinckley & Rugby is leading the way in providing the best tools to deliver the most detailed and transparent lending policy the market has to offer.”

H&R for Intermediaries head of sales and marketing Carolyn Thornley-Yates said: “We’re constantly seeking ways to improve the ease and precision of how intermediaries can access our products and our one to one service.

“Developing the criteria search is a big step for us and for intermediaries. Criteria Hub is a welcome addition to the technology partners we work with to enhance the intermediary experience, with more in the pipeline as we grasp an exciting, innovative future.”

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