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Hinckley & Rugby customers happier than those of banks

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society customers are more likely to recommend it to friends and family than would customers of banks and other providers.

The latest survey results from YouGov found building societies generally have more satisfied customers than banks. During July, 84 per cent of building society customers surveyed said they would recommend their society to friends and family.

That was well ahead of the only 68 per cent of banks’ and other providers’ customers who would recommend. And both were left behind by Hinckley & Rugby’s own survey of its new savings and mortgage customers in July which found 89 per cent would recommend it.

Dean Waddingham, chief customer officer at Hinckley & Rugby, said: “There are many reasons why our members are happier than many of those at the banks, and at many other building societies too.

Dean Waddingham, chief customer officer, Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

Dean Waddingham, chief customer officer, Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

“Our survey of new customers, plus those homebuyers who are staying with us when they remortgage, finds them very approving of our range of products, how easy it is to apply, how our staff are available to talk and answer questions, and much more.

“Because we exist for our members, and don’t have any shareholders to satisfy with dividends, our entire focus is on helping people to save and to buy their homes by making the interest rates we pay savers and charge borrowers fair to both and competitive.

“Whether it is in one of our branches in our heartlands of Leicestershire and Warwickshire or by phone, post or online with our head office staff, customers new and old appreciate the personal, human service they can access in the way that suits them best.

“We’re proud of how many of our customers do recommend us to their family members and friends. Word of mouth is the best recommendation you can get in a service industry and we will continue to work hard to maintain and improve our monthly survey scores.”

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