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Confirmation of identity and UK residency for the last 3 years

To comply with our credit referencing requirements and money laundering procedures, we require a minimum of 3 years continuous residency in the UK up to the time of the application, confirmed by entry on the Voters Roll at current and previous addresses, together with your certification of having seen and recorded details of the applicant’s current UK Driving Licence or current UK passport with additional forms of identity confirming addresses.

Non-EEA Foreign Nationals

For applications to be considered, indefinite leave must be evidenced by a stamp in a currently valid passport or written confirmation from the Home Office. The Society does not lend to non-EEA nationals without indefinite leave to remain in the UK or permanent residency status.

These specific requirements are in addition to the already explained standard evidenced 3 years’ UK residency at the time of the application.

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