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Solicitors/Licensed conveyancers acting for the borrower

If the mortgage application is for House Purchase, for a Remortgage involving any Title change, or for any Let or Buy-to-Let property, applicants are required to provide details in the mortgage application form of the firm of Solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers who they intend to instruct to act on their behalf.

Before instructing any Solicitor/Conveyancer to act, it is strongly recommended that you and/or the applicant check that their choice of Solicitor/Conveyancer is eligible to act also for the Society.

You can check if the applicant’s proposed choice of solicitor is eligible to act also for the Society by contacting LMS Ltd, the Society’s Solicitor Panel Manager, by telephone: 0343 221 0643, by email:, or by visiting:

You should ensure that the applicant is made aware that if their choice of Solicitor/Conveyancer is ineligible for entry onto the Society’s Mortgage Panel, it will be necessary for the Society to instruct its own solicitors to act for the Society only, in which case two sets of Solicitor’s or Conveyancer’s costs will be incurred, and the applicant will be responsible for paying these.

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