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Mortgage Products & Product Fees

The current lending terms in this section must be read in conjunction with our current product guide and individual product key features leaflets, all of which are shown in this website.

If there are any points about our products that you are not sure about, please contact us to discuss these.

Product Fees

Any Arrangement fees and Property Assessment Fees must be paid when submitting an application.  These will not be deducted from the Advance.

Some of our products have a Completion Fee.  Product Guides and Key Features Leaflets will show where this is applicable.

Applicants may choose whether they prefer to pay the Completion Fee to the Society before the release of the mortgage advance or whether they wish to add this to the loan.

If Borrowers choose to make a separate payment for a Completion Fee prior to release of the mortgage advance, cleared funds must be remitted to the Society some time before the scheduled completion date.

Alternatively an applicant may elect to add the Completion Fee to the mortgage advance, subject to the upper loan to value product limit, and the Society will deduct the Completion Fee from the total agreed advance.

Applicants who wish to add the fee to the loan must confirm this in the Mortgage Application form. If no election is made in the application form to add the fee, the Completion Fee will not be added to the loan and must be paid by the applicant prior to completion.

If the Completion Fee is added to the loan, the borrower may make a separate payment for this without any early repayment charge, at any time after the start of the mortgage.

If the borrower chooses not to make a separate payment for the Completion Fee either before or after release of the mortgage advance, any Completion Fee that has been added to the loan will be repaid over the term of the loan.

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