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Complex income mortgages

We define your client’s complex income as anything that requires the individual attention of our underwriting team and we would be delighted to consider your client’s individual circumstances at our daily meetings of senior decision makers. The list below shows examples of what we would class as complex income, but this is not exhaustive.

  • Inclusion of trading projections for affordability assessments
  • Income from newly established businesses
  • Contractor income
  • Using income from more than one source
  • Employees in new roles
  • Professional sportspeople and other higher risk careers
  • Using bonus/overtime income when the applicant has been employed for less than 1 year
  • Declining business profits or recent losses
  • Acceptance of investment income

Please click on the PDF guide below for product details

Complex income mortgage guide

Please contact our Business Development team to discuss the specifics of your client’s circumstances and check affordability prior to submitting an application.