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Joint borrower sole proprietor mortgages

H&R for Intermediaries offers joint borrower sole proprietor mortgages at up to 95% LTV in its range of residential products.

The arrangement is designed to enable, for example, parents to help a son or daughter to buy a home with the only charge being on the property being purchased.

The buyer’s income is boosted by that of parents or a guardian as part of the application but without adding them to the title deeds and with no need for any savings to be lodged with the Society as security.

Please click on the PDF guides below for the Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor products:

Adobe PDF Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor 2 Year Fixed Mortgages

Adobe PDF Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor 5 Year Fixed Mortgages

Brokers with joint borrower sole proprietor clients should contact the Business Development team ahead of submitting an application by calling 01455 894084.