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Individual Savings Accounts and Building Societies Factsheet

Tax year 2020-2021

For eligible investors aged 18 or over the annual ISA subscription limit in this tax year is £20,000. The limit for investors aged 16 and 17 (who can only subscribe to a Cash ISA) is £20,000.

Up to £20,000 of the allowance can be saved in a Cash ISA with Hinckley & Rugby or split between a Cash ISA, a Stocks and Shares ISA (with another provider), an Innovative Finance ISA (with another provider) and a Lifetime ISA (with another provider). We do not offer Stocks and Shares ISAs, Innovative Finance ISAs or Lifetime ISAs. Alternatively, the full £20,000 can be invested in a Stocks and Shares ISA or an Innovative Finance ISA with another provider.

The Society offers a range of Cash ISA accounts but only accepts subscriptions into one Cash ISA account in any one tax year.

The BSA provide a leaflet which details the basics of how ISAs work and provides links for further informationPlease click here to view