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Mortgage Referrals Committee

Making complex cases simple

Otherwise known as MRC, our Mortgage Referrals Committee consists of a panel of mortgage experts, including executive-level decision makers, who meet daily on weekdays to discuss complex cases. With a manual lending approach, the committee carefully considers individual circumstances using common sense and flexibility to make a decision, and these decisions are often given to the broker on the same day of case referral. These cases are submitted by brokers, whose clients may not meet the mortgage criteria based on automated underwriting.

The benefits of manual lending

  • Improves your clients’ chances of securing a mortgage
  • Flexibility on mortgage criteria
  • Consideration of unusual or complex circumstances
  • Same-day decision given to brokers

Already have a case in mind that you would like to refer? Request a callback and our team will be in touch shortly.

How we’ve helped applicants

Joint borrower sole proprietor

A £220,000 joint borrower sole proprietor application recently referred to MRC involved parents wanting to help their newly-qualified daughter onto the property ladder. The property in question was a second floor flat. The applicants had suffered reduced income for the previous financial year, due to one of their two commercial properties being untenanted for a few months. With a new tenant in place, MRC considered both parents’ salaries plus the rental income and were able to offer 90% LTV.

First time buyer

The applicant, requesting £300,000 was a self-employed actress who had been consistently working in the film industry, with her salary steadily increasing for five years. The year before she made a mortgage application, she took three months out of work to complete some professional training – seeing a decrease in income. However, following the training, her salary increased significantly – by manually reviewing the applicant’s circumstances and confirming her salary increase with her accountant, we were able to offer 80% LTV.

Buy to let

The applicant was a first time buyer, requesting £160,000 for a buy to let property. She wished to invest in the property using savings and money gifted by her husband, who she lived in a residential property with. Her husband had owned the property since before they were married in his name alone. We took an average of her income for the past two years and added projected income for the coming year and were able to offer the full requested percentage of 55% LTV.

How to submit a case to MRC

We are here to help you – if you have a complex case which you would like to refer, follow our step-by-step process below. We look forward to hearing from you.

  1. If you have a client with a niche lending requirement or unusual financial position, get in touch via our request a callback form, or by emailing
  2. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss the referral, including any documents you would need to provide.
  3. MRC will apply their underwriting experience and judgement to reach a decision.
  4. Our team will communicate this decision to you often on the same day of referral or the next morning.