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Registering and logging in

We strive to keep our products straightforward and easy to understand and to keep terms and conditions to a minimum. However, there may be questions you want to ask that are not answered elsewhere within our website.

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Registering and logging in

How do I submit applications to you – online or on paper?

We prefer online submission but will accept paper applications posted to us at 81 Upper Bond St, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 1DG. A PDF of the blank application form can be found on this website.

How do I use your online system?

Please follow these steps. You have to follow all the stages in order, for example you cannot get a KFI without doing a DIP and you cannot submit an online application without doing a KFI. Please note that if you exit the system before creating the KFI, the details will not be saved and the process would have to be repeated if you subsequently require a KFI.

  • Log in or register
  • Create your first named client only by clicking on the ‘new’ button (any joint applicant will be created later)
  • Click on the ‘create KFI’ button.
  • Enter details of the level of service you have given, the proc fee (unless otherwise advised by your club/network, this will be 0.35% of the loan amount with a minimum of £225 and a maximum of £1,250) and confirm whether the product you are recommending has a completion fee and if the clients which to add this fee to the loan. Click ‘Next’.
  • Enter all of the details onto the DIP screen. This is a basic DIP and does not include a credit check or leave a footprint. Take care when answering the question ‘what type of property assessment do you require’ – if the product has a free valuation then please choose ‘Free Valuation to £1m – residential’ or ‘Free Valuation to £1m – BTL’.
  • If your DIP is successful you will receive a pop-up certificate to print and, when you close this down, you will see a message confirming the success.
  • If your DIP returns a ‘refer’ result you will still receive the pop-up certificate to print, but you will see a message asking you to contact us to discuss the case. If you have already discussed the case with us there is no need to do so again as we will have a record of your earlier call.
  • Click ‘Next’ to get past the DIP screen and click ‘Add’ on the product of your choice.
  • Follow through the next screens and click ’Submit’ at the end.
  • You will now be back in your client details screen and the KFI will be saved underneath. Click on the red wording to access and print it or click on ‘Apply’ to convert it into an online application.

How can I check if I am registered with you?

You only need to register if you wish to use our online system. We have held the current system since July 2011 so, if you have not dealt with us since then, you will not be registered. The system asks you to choose your own username and password, rather than the generic log in details which used to be issued.

I am trying to register but my club/network isn’t included in your list. What should I do?

If your network isn’t included in the list, please select ‘none’. This will not affect who we pay the procuration fee to, as this will be taken from the Intermediary Declaration & Introduction Certificate when you submit an application to us.

Why do I get a server error when trying to submit my new registration?

Apologies for this – it happens occasionally. Please try the following possible solutions:

If you are using a favourites page please try and log into the system directly from our website

Please attempt to delete your temporary internet files and try again.

Please try another link

If you have access to another computer please try using the website from there.

Please ensure you are using Internet Explorer as the website is not compatible with other browsers such as Google Chrome.

If you still encounter a problem please contact our Business Development Team for guidance using the ‘Request a callback’ button on this page.

I have forgotten my username and/or password, what should I do?

If you know your username but have forgotten your password, please click the log in button then use the ‘Reset password’ link and follow the instructions.

If you have forgotten your username please contact our Business Development Team for guidance using the ‘Request a callback’ button on this page.

How long does it take to receive my activation key?

Activation keys are automatically generated and should be with you within a matter of minutes. It is very rare for the key not to be received but, if this is the case, please check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folders.

If you cannot find the email after checking all folders please contact our Business Development Team for guidance using the ‘Request a callback’ button on this page.

Why does my activation key not work?

There has never been a genuine case of an activation key not actually working, although many have been reported! Firstly, please ensure that you are not trying to enter the key into the password field – the activation key field only appears as a third box after the username and password have been input correctly. If you have entered the key manually, then please try to copy and paste instead and vice versa. When copying and pasting please ensure that you are not copying an extra space, as this is often done.

Can I create a mortgage illustration without doing a DIP?

No, our system always asks you to complete a DIP before producing a mortgage illustration to check that your application meets our criteria. We DO NOT credit search at this point so there is absolutely no footprint left. The DIP itself only takes a minute or two.