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Submitting applications

We strive to keep our products straightforward and easy to understand and to keep terms and conditions to a minimum. However, there may be questions you want to ask that are not answered elsewhere within our website.

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Submitting applications

Do you accept paper applications?

Yes, we prefer online submission but will accept paper applications posted to us at 81 Upper Bond St, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 1DG. The PDF of the blank application form can be found on this website.

I am unable to submit my online application as it says all the mandatory fields have not been completed though I’m sure I did complete them all. What shall I do?

There will definitely still be one or more fields somewhere with missing information, or an anomaly. Often this is the intended means of repaying the capital on a repayment mortgage (input N/A to get past this); the question regarding any future anticipated material changes to income; or the second line of the current residential address for applicant 2. You need to go into each section from the summary page and find the section marked with a asterix (mandatory) which is incomplete.

You should also check that there are no anomalies confusing the system, such as an intended retirement date before the date of birth or an extra box added at the monthly commitments or other properties owned stage.

You can return to the summary at any time by clicking on the button at the top of the page. You do not have to go through all of the screens once you have found the omission.

If you still cannot find the missing entry, please contact our Business Development Team for guidance using the ‘Request a callback’ button on this page. We will endeavour to find the missing information for you but this may have to be out of normal business hours.

I am applying for a remortgage but the application form is asking for vendor information and other things not relevant for a remortgage.

Our application form is used for both remortgage and purchase applications, so some questions may not be relevant depending which application type you are submitting. If it’s a remortgage application, please put N/A or 000000000 (for phone numbers) in the purchase-specific sections such as vendor details, estate agent etc.

I do not have all of the answers to the questions in the application form. Can I just answer the questions which are mandatory and come back to you with the other information later?

Sorry, but no – we will not assess a partially completed application form. You can save and exit the application form at any time and then go back to it once you have collected all the information from your clients.

Is there a blank application form I can use to capture the client’s information and signatures on?

Yes, there are PDF applications forms on this website. There are different versions for BTL and residential applications.

I have submitted my application online – what happens now?

Use the link that appears immediately after the case has been submitted to print off a full copy of the application and obtain the client’s signature on the declarations page and direct debit mandate if you have not already captured these on a paper form. If it is a BTL application, then please ask all applicants to also sign at the end of the BTL supplementary sheet. The adviser will need to sign and date the completed ‘Intermediary Declaration & Introduction Certificate’.

You will need to upload all the standard supporting documentation securely using your online account via ‘Document Store’ or alternatively you can fax or e-mail the documents, please send the supporting documentation ASAP to avoid any delays in processing. Please then post the original signatures to 81 Upper Bond Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 1DG.

Please click here for standard documentation required.


If I submit payslips and P60s with the application form, does this mean you will not need to contact the employers for confirmation of income?

Commonly we will no longer require an employment reference if satisfactory payslips and P60s have been received.

Why is there nowhere on the online application form to input credit card details for fees?

This is for data security. Credit card details for any arrangement/valuation fees will be requested over the phone after the application has been submitted. Where a product has a completion fee this may be added on completion and not cause the new total to exceed the product maximum LTV.