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About Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

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Hinckley & Rugby Building Society was formed in 1983 by the merger of Hinckley Permanent Building Society, which was founded in 1865 and Rugby Provident Building Society which was established in 1861.

A top 20 society, Hinckley & Rugby has total assets of more than £830 million and over 50,000 savers. In addition, it has over 8,000 borrowers who are also benefiting from the Society’s success.  The Society is committed to providing an extensive range of competitive savings accounts and mortgage schemes and to providing the highest standards of customer service.

With 7 branches and 3 agencies, Hinckley & Rugby is not only represented in some of the towns and cities of the East and West Midlands, but it is also strongly committed to having outlets in smaller village communities, where it is often the only financial services provider for miles around.

The Society is proud of its pioneering volunteer scheme ‘Community First’ which gives staff up to three days’ paid leave each year to get involved in volunteering projects of their choice.

As well as opportunities to become involved with many national and local charities, the Society is committed to working with Leicestershire Cares, which fosters links between businesses and local people and organisations in need of help.

In addition, staff throughout the 7 branches and at the Hinckley Principal Office have raised thousands of pounds for various charities.

Chief Executive Colin Fyfe said: “It’s great to know that our staff can help out in this way with some of the numerous charities, groups and organisations which need an extra helping hand. We get a lot out of it and we hope that the community benefits as well.”

Conversion to a bank is not an option for a regional society such as Hinckley & Rugby. Our future clearly lies in providing the benefits of mutuality to our members who are, of course, our customers.

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society
Upper Bond Street, Hinckley
Leicestershire, LE10 1NZ.

Tel: 0800 434 6343

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To request a copy of the Society’s rules, please write to us at the address above.