Introducing Workplace Savings​

An initiative designed to make saving as hassle-free as possible, by enabling you to add to your savings pot before your salary even reaches your bank account.

Why is regular saving such a good idea?

Financial security is important for everyone. Having a savings pot gives you peace of mind – knowing that you can plan for the future and cope with the unexpected. In an uncertain world, regular saving is essential for achieving financial wellbeing.

However, research tells us that nine million adults in the UK have no savings at all, and another five million have less than £100 in savings.** That means a quarter of UK adults do not have a financial safety net.

**Money & Pensions Service, 7 November 2022

How can Workplace Savings help?

One reason why so many people don’t save regularly, is that it can be a hassle. It’s one more thing to remember to do in our busy lives, and is easily put-off.

Workplace Savings makes it easy. In fact, once set up, saving becomes automatic. You’ll be topping up your savings every payday, direct from your salary, without even having to think about it – consistently adding to your nest egg for whatever the future holds.

Is it really that easy?

Yes, it is! By simply offering this valuable benefit, an employer can support its employees’ financial wellbeing – with no administrative costs, and with considerable benefits to the organisation itself.

For employees, it’s simplicity itself. Individuals can choose from our range of competitive savings accounts and elect to save any regular amount – which can be changed and further topped up whenever they wish.

The amount they choose is transferred to their savings account direct from their salary (after income tax and National Insurance deductions) before the salary hits their bank account.

How does it work?

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