Community Sponsorship Scheme

Sponsorship and donations allow us to consistently give back to the communities we serve, differentiating us from banks.

The Society receives requests to support various causes all year round, whether that be £100 to help put on a charity golf day for local cancer charity Prostaid or providing funding to help spread a little cheer to isolated people at Christmas, we help where we can.

In support of the commitment made by the Society, our people make it their business to do their bit too by organising and supporting fundraising for local and national charities every year.

Society staff regularly make suggestions for charities we can support, and always take on the challenge of fundraising with enthusiasm and imagination. Whether we’re baking cakes, holding quizzes, or sleeping out to raise awareness and funds for homelessness, our teams are not shy about putting their best foot forward.

Many of these come about as one-off requests for help, but occasionally they turn into long-term relationships:

An example of this is our association with the Hinckley Concordia Amateur Operatic Society (HCOAS). The Society’s sponsorship of their shows helps give local thespians the opportunity to showcase their talents, which in turn are enjoyed and supported by many local people.

Similarly, we have been supporting Hinckley Rugby Club for more than a decade, and we were lucky enough to win a lunch table at one of their big matches.

Keen to champion the importance of mental health to our members and staff, the Society works with local mental health charity LAMP, taking the reigns as lead sponsor of their Around the World 5K challenge.

With the culture of sharing running through every area of the Society this is sure to continue and build as our teams grow along with our business.

Interested in receiving support?

If you are part of a charity or organisation that is interested in receiving support from the Society, get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you.