Our homes account for 30% of the country’s total energy use. To help reach the UK Government’s net zero carbon emissions target by 2050, properties will be required to have a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.

  • New rental properties will be required to have a minimum EPC of C by April 2025
  • Existing tenanted properties will be required to have a minimum EPC of C by December 2028

It is expected that these requirements will apply to all properties eventually.

The Society is keen to play our part in reducing home energy consumption by offering cost-friendly funding solutions to existing borrowers seeking to improve their EPC rating.

Our Green Mortgage products are available to existing borrowers pledging to use at least 50% of the additional funds for energy efficiency improvements. If you have plans for your property, you may be eligible for a Green Mortgage – check the list of acceptable home improvements below.

Speak to one of our advisers today to find out more.

Energy-efficiency measuresHeating measuresRenewable energy generation Property resilience measures
Insulation to existing envelope components, such as external walls, roofs, lofts, basements, and ground floors (including measures to ensure airtightness and reduce the effects of thermal bridges)Installation and replacement of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and domestic hot water systems equipment related to district heatingSolar hot waterBS 851188 standard products to enhance resistance to flooding, such as flood-doors and windows, demountable barriers
Energy-efficient external doorsGround source heat pumpsSolar photovoltaic Resilient insulation
Loft insulationMicro combined heat and power (Micro-CHP)Rainfall captureEnhanced resilience to flooding, such as resilient wall and floor finishes
Low-energy lightsReplacement of old pumps with efficient circulating pumpsEnhanced resistance to heatwaves such as external shutters and external insulation
Tank and pipe insulationHeating controls
Cavity wall insulationAir source heat pumps
Internal wall insulation
Double glazing
Insulated render
External wall insulation
Draught proofing

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