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Hinckley & Rugby’s Green Team offers school visits to teach kids about the benefits of greener homes

Environmental concerns are at the very heart of Hinckley & Rugby’s community ethos. We are involved in several local initiatives, including being lead sponsor of the annual Hinckley & Bosworth Free Tree Scheme. This year, the scheme donated more than 29,000 saplings to local residents, schools and community groups.

Now, Hinckley & Rugby is on a mission to help educate the next generation of homeowners about the benefits of a greener home. To achieve this, we have retrofitted a dolls house to show children how a home can be made greener and more energy efficient.

The interactive model house is a great conversation starter, encouraging children to engage in a visual and tactile learning experience. They can interact with various elements of the model home, and are encouraged to discuss changes that reduce a family’s carbon footprint – from major upgrades to small changes that make a huge difference.

The model house includes many interactive elements for enquiring young minds to explore:

  • A working solar panel that powers one of the LED ceiling lights.
  • An underfloor heating system in the form of a jigsaw puzzle.
  • A wind turbine, showing how wind energy is captured and stored.
  • A working electric model car with charging port.
  • Removable wall and loft insulation.
  • Removable double glazing panels.
  • A recycling bin activity to help kids appreciate the importance of using the right bins.

It is essential that the UK meets its long-term commitments and goals on climate change. The Society’s enthusiastic Green Team is keen to take this interactive learning experience to as many local schools as possible, because educating children about an energy-efficient home is a vital step towards meeting those challenges.

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