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Free and independent advice

If you are finding it hard to keep up with your payments, or if you are already having trouble managing your debts, you should seek free help and advice. There are many organisations available that can offer you help and support with managing your finances.

Your mortgage is known as a priority debt, and it is important that you understand what this means when making decisions about your mortgage payments and any other debts, arrears and outgoings you have.

Citizens Advice have produced a helpful guide to understanding and managing priority and non-priority debt which you can find here: Making a plan to pay your debts – Citizens Advice

MoneyHelper have provided the following guidance on the debts you should pay as a priority, you can view this here: How to prioritise your debts – MoneyHelper

Once you have prioritised your debts, you can work out a budget to understand how much money you will have available going forward to pay your commitments. You might wish to use a tool such as the MoneyHelper Online Budget Planner, or you can use a tool provided by a debt adviser to help you do this.

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