Fixed Rate Mortgages

Offers you peace of mind that your monthly payments will not vary for a set period of time, whether or not the Bank of England base rate changes.

Tracker Mortgages

Benefits you by tracking the independently set Bank of England base rate for an agreed period of time, by a pre-arranged amount – this means your monthly payment will automatically change in line with any adjustments made to the base rate.

Discount Mortgages

Offers you a discount on Hinckley & Rugby’s Homeowner or Landlord variable rate for a set period – If this rate changes, so will the rate you pay with the guarantee that the discount remains the same.

Fee Free Mortgages

Provides you all the benefits of a Hinckley & Rugby mortgage, but with no fees to pay during the life of the mortgage – including when you apply, complete, or redeem.

Flexible Mortgages

Puts you in control by allowing you to adapt your mortgage to suit your changing needs – for instance, you might want to take a payment holiday or make an overpayment. 

Capped Rate Mortgages

A variable rate mortgage that will not rise above a pre-agreed rate for a set period but will rise and fall beneath that pre-agreed rate with general interest rate movements.

Variable Rate Mortgages

Offers an interest rate that can fluctuate – if the mortgage interest rate falls, your monthly mortgage payment also reduces, but if the mortgage interest rises so will your monthly payment. Our variable rate mortgages are based on our Homeowner or Landlord Variable Rate, which is usually (but not always) based on the movement of the Bank of England base rate.