Green Retrofitting

Green retrofitting involves making changes that benefit both the property and the environment. These changes are designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, improve comfort, and increase the value and desirability of the property.

These changes might include lighting, glazing, insulation, heat pumps, underfloor heating, heating control, home-generated renewable energy, and energy storage and distribution.


The Society has partnered with Retrogreen to help our existing mortgage holders get a better understanding of their property’s energy efficiency. This will enable members to consider the steps they might take to improve it, to reduce energy consumption and to improve the property’s EPC rating.

Some of those steps may be simple, low cost, and easy to do without outside help. Other steps might require a ‘green retrofitting’ project, including management of the project and financing.

The aim of the Society’s partnership with Retrogreen is to help overcome the barrier of affordability. We aim to support members to cover the cost of green retrofitting through a lower-rate Green Mortgage, which could include covering all service costs (subject to Loan-to-Value limits).

Who are Retrogreen?

Retrogreen is a TrustMark Registered Business. Their service is designed to help you understand your property’s energy efficiency, EPC rating, and carbon emissions.

If you choose to undertake a green retrofitting project, Retrogreen can support you with a comprehensive project management service. This includes assessing, planning, and helping you choose a TrustMark accredited contractor. All aspects of their service are backed by the government endorsed TrustMark quality scheme.

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