Annual General Meeting 2023

We would like to thank all members who participated in the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) vote, and for the overwhelming support you have given to the Board’s recommendations.

This year 2,458 members voted, which represents 10% of the eligible voting membership. The results of the Resolutions proposed at the AGM on 28 March 2023 are shown below.

To receive the Directors’ Report, Annual Accounts and Annual Business Statement for the year ended 30 November 20222,401342398.60%
To appoint Mazars LLP as auditors2,355713297.07%
To approve the Directors’ Remuneration Report for the year ended 30 November 20222,2241864892.28%
Ordinary Resolutions for the Election and Re-election of Directors
a) To relect Lynda Blackwell2,303946196.08%
b) To elect Barry Carter2,308935796.13%
c) To re-elect Colin Franklin2,3041015395.80%
d) To re-elect Colin Fyfe2,2881155595.21%
e) To elect Rebecca Griffin2,314935196.14%
f) To elect John Lowe2,2891135695.30%
g) To re-elect John Mulvey2,2931115495.38%
h) To re-elect Barbara Taeed2,2891175295.14%
i) To re-elect Gary Wilkinson2,2751255894.79%
j) To re-elect Nemone Wynn-Evans2,2911145395.26%