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At Christmas, happy piggies are pigs in blankets

With the festive season upon us, and with the focus being on spending rather than saving, some piggies out there have told us that they are feeling a bit lonely.

For our own piggy banks, we have knitted warm and cosy savings blankets to keep them snug through winter. Perhaps your piggy bank would be happier snuggled up with one of ours?

Here they are, all comfortably wrapped up and growing ever fatter day by day.

Young Saver

Comes with a great combination of easy access and a competitive rate of interest. This account is a perfect way to teach the youngsters in your life how easy and rewarding it is to save. Can be opened on behalf of a child, or by a young saver aged 13 – 18 who wishes to operate the account themselves.

Easy Access

Suitable when the convenience of being able to withdraw money at any time, without notice or penalty, is more important than the interest rate.

Regular Saver

Offering an attractive rate of interest as a reward for your regular payments, with the requirement to give us 30 days’ notice to withdraw. This purpose-designed account is a great choice for those with a savings goal in mind that they want to chip away at every month.

Notice accounts

A choice of accounts offering a rewarding rate, but requiring notice to withdraw. These accounts are ideal for long-term savers who want to maximise their savings, and who have other savings that they can easily access if needed.

Savings bonds

A choice of fixed-term accounts for savers with a lump sum to invest. These accounts offer higher interest rates, with no withdrawals allowed until the end of the term.

Cash ISAs

A choice of tax-free accounts, including both fixed-rate and variable options with interest rates reflecting the access you have to your savings. The interest you receive does not count towards your Personal Savings Allowance.

So there you have it: options for all kinds of savers, whatever your saving goals. For full details of all our savings accounts, pop over to https://www.hrbs.co.uk/savings