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Hinckley & Rugby Building Society’s legwork supports local mental health charity

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society has achieved an impressive feat in the last month, with staff members completing a massive 17,651,803 steps within one month for a special charity challenge.

The Society’s step challenge began in February and saw nine teams competing to achieve the highest number of steps and win a £1,000 donation from the Society to a local mental health charity of their choice.  And what a competition it was! The winning team, comprising of seven colleagues, managed 2,645,196 between them over the course of the month and included super stepper, Denise Bradshaw, Executive Assistant to the CEO who, alone, amassed a phenomenal 660,129!  Initially, Denise set herself the goal of reaching 10,000 steps each day – but soon found she was doing over 30,000 – speeding into the lead for the super stepper title.

On taking part in the challenge, Denise says:

“I entered the Step Challenge as I thought it was a great way to raise money for a mental health charity whilst at the same time benefiting from the exercise both physically and mentally.

I didn’t find it easy as I am not a physically fit person but was determined to succeed and the more steps I walked, the greater number I wanted to achieve. We worked together as a team to encourage and motivate each other as we all wanted to win the £1,000 to donate to a worthy cause.”

Denise was part of the winning team, which has chosen Life Links Leicester as their charity. It provides mental health support to those who need it in the local community.

The Society is delighted with the engagement from its staff, with nearly 50% taking part. Additionally, knowing that the prize money is contributing to tackling the serious social issue of mental health, Denise and all of the participating teams have supported the Society’s role in benefiting its local communities.