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Hinckley & Rugby is in the line up to support The Hornets

Hinckley Rugby Football Club (HRFC) has been around since 1892 and has since become a local favourite, offering rugby to all ages and abilities. Otherwise known as The Hornets, the club boasts impressive conference facilities for use by local businesses due to investment.

As a result of COVID-19, the club was unable to continue training or hosting matches and, with the absence of spectators, income drastically slowed. After HRFC temporarily suspended its activities, it launched a crowdfunding campaign to help keep the club afloat during uncertain times. The community banded together and was able to raise a massive £24,489 by the end of July, an amount that would help sustain the club. In addition to donations, now more than ever, the organisations that sponsor the club are vital in making sure the club doesn’t struggle.

At Hinckley & Rugby, we believe in helping the local community, especially true in recent times when some organisations are feeling the effects of the current uncertainty. That’s why, we are happy to announce we have renewed our sponsorship with the club once again.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Dean Waddingham is no stranger to rugby himself. He played for Leicester Tigers for seven years before embarking on his career in financial services. Here’s what he had to say about HRFC:

“We have been sponsors of Hinckley Rugby Football Club for over 10 years and we’re proud to renew our sponsorship. We are delighted we can support a club that’s central to the local community.”

Sponsoring HFRC no doubt helps the club financially so they can continue with their activities throughout the year. HRFC Chairman John Tilley stated:

“Our aim is to become the best community rugby club in England and give local people something to be proud of. Local support has been vital and has enabled us to come a long way in the past few seasons both on and off the field. The continued sponsorship from Hinckley & Rugby Building Society helps deliver the financial security we need to achieve our goals. We are immensely grateful. Many thanks”.

Training is now starting to resume at HRFC and while spectators are still unable to visit, you can help the club by visiting its online shop or taking a trip to its café.