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Hinckley & Rugby is officially a ‘very good’ organisation to work for

We are proud to announce that we have achieved a 1 star ‘very good’ rating in the 2023 Best Companies to Work For staff survey.

“This is a clear recognition of the Society’s commitment to value its people,” commented Niki Barker, Chief People Officer.

“The People Team, and the Society itself, work incredibly hard to provide a rewarding, collaborative, and supportive environment.”

Other well-known organisations with a ‘very good’ rating include UK Finance, Age UK, East Midlands Chamber, and Energy Saving Trust. Earning a 1 star accreditation from Best Companies is known to be a significant achievement. It shows that the organisation takes workplace engagement seriously, and is always looking to improve.

A clear measurement of employee satisfaction and commitment is the turnover of staff. The UK average is currently 35% per year – Hinckley & Rugby’s turnover rate is just 14%.

“It’s heart-warming to see that our people are really ‘with us’ on our journey,” reflected Niki.

“As a big-hearted community-centred organisation, it’s so important to us that our people thrive – not just for us as a business, but because we’re an organisation that’s all about helping, supporting, and giving back.”

Hinckley & Rugby has a strong culture of teamwork and personal development, supporting employees to achieve their goals and aspirations at every stage of their career. Through comprehensive training, continual encouragement, and highly supportive mentorship, we help our people to become the best that they can be.

We are also keen for individuals to support our involvement with the local community. During the last 12 months alone, employees spent more than 1,200 hours volunteering in the community. We have a close relationship with local charity Leicestershire Cares, and encourage staff to get involved – supported by three days’ paid leave each year for involvement in volunteering projects.

Working for Hinckley & Rugby is about much more than just employment. It’s about being part of something truly special; an organisation that cares, and matters.