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Hinckley & Rugby launches educational children’s book

We are excited to announce the publication of our rhyming children’s book, “How Roommates Became Savers”.

Illustrated and written by Aimee Williams and Lewis Bourne, our wholesome short story aims to educate children on how Building Societies came to be, introducing them to the world of saving from an early age through the eyes of a group of woodland animals. 

Encourage the children in your life to learn the value of saving

Children have wild and wonderful imaginations, and the stories we read and the fictional worlds we immerse ourselves in as children often stick with us into adulthood. This is why we believe our book is a great way to introduce the topic of saving to children, to help them understand the value of saving at a formative time in their lives.

To help this important message resonate further with children, we have included space for little ones to write down what they would like to save for and track their progress as they go.

Andrea Belle, Director of Branches, Agencies & Savings at the Society, said:

At Hinckley & Rugby, we believe it’s never too soon in life to develop a savings habit. That’s why we’ve created our very own children’s book: ‘How Roommates Became Savers’. This heart warming and beautifully illustrated story is sure to put a smile on many young faces. We believe it’s the ideal way to teach children about the value of saving from an early age, showing how saving can make dreams become reality.

The story of mutuality, told differently

We are a proudly mutual organisation, with a long history of over 150 years of guiding our Members through the milestones in their life on their journey towards financial security for themselves and their loved ones. We feel it is important to remind people of our heritage, this time through our story based on how Building Societies came to be.

The tale begins at a woodland hangout where a frog, a rabbit, a bird, and a squirrel start to dream about owning their own slice of their habitat. They learn if they work together, they can realise those dreams!

How to claim your free copy

Do you have a child or grandchild you would like to put some money away for, or know someone that does? The book will be available from Monday 4 September 2023 and will be free of charge for those opening one of our Young Saver savings accounts or those making a deposit into an existing children’s savings account. You can find our Young Saver application form online here, and then visit your local Hinckley & Rugby branch to collect your book. You can open an account with as little as £1, and our friendly branch staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

About the Authors

Here at Hinckley & Rugby, we value our people and do what we can to enable them to play their own unique parts in what we live and breathe as a Building Society. Whether it’s joining one of our committees that aim to drive positive change or simply take a couple of days out to volunteer for a worthy cause.

Aimee Williams lives in Hinckley and has worked for Hinckley & Rugby for five years.

The Society recognised Aimee’s creative talents and she currently works in the Marketing team as our Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant. Using her self-taught skills, Aimee teamed up with her partner, Lewis Bourne, to create this beautifully illustrated book, successfully piloted on their  two-year-old son, Otis! Aimee has showcased her creativity through various projects such as our Doll’s House; a green initiative that aims to educate children on how we can make our homes more energy efficient and why it’s important in addressing climate change.