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Pledging our support to the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces Covenant is a commitment, from the nation, that Armed Forces Personnel will be treated fairly and should face no disadvantages compared to any other citizen, with the exception of special treatment which may be appropriate for the injured or bereaved. By signing the Covenant, we pledge to uphold these key principles and emphasise that we are an Armed Forces-friendly organisation.

The Covenant provides a variety of support to the Armed Forces Community, including financial assistance. Here at Hinckley & Rugby, this means that, if Serving Personnel are placed overseas and decide to let their residential home, we will retain them on a residential mortgage product instead of switching them to a buy-to-let mortgage.

We acknowledge the value the Armed Forces Community brings to businesses and the country, and also support:

  • The employment of Veterans, ensuring they are treated fairly in our recruitment processes.
  • National events such as Armed Forces Day, Reserves Day, the Poppy Appeal day and other remembrance activities.
  • Armed Forces charities with fundraising and supporting volunteers.

We are pleased to be committed to supporting the Armed Forces Community and once again thank them for their service.