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Society donates over £20,000 to six neighbourhood charities

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society have distributed over £20,000 from its Community Foundation to assist six local charities in the coming year.

The Society’s Community Foundation was launched in March 2022 to help local charities tackle important social issues facing their local communities by providing substantial financial donations and practical support where needed.

The charities which have been successful in receiving funding this year are: Attleborough Community Matters, Broughton Astley Volunteer Group, Falcon Support Services based in Coalville, The Proton Foundation – Flourish Project supporting young people in Hinckley, The Percival Guildhouse in Rugby, and Weddington Community Allotment Association.

All selected charities were invited along to the Society’s Annual General Meeting to receive their donations and explore other ways the Society and its staff can support them in the next 12 months.

Hannah Williams from The Proton Foundation said:

“Using the Society’s support we are able to train and resource two schools in Hinckley in a wellbeing programme called ‘The Flourish Project’.  Each school will deliver sessions to 40 children as a preventative solution, helping to improve their mental well-being, self-esteem and resilience, so that they can ‘flourish into everything they can be.”

Hinckley and Rugby’s Chief Executive Colin Fyfe said:

“The Society’s Community Foundation enables us to share our profits and provide substantial financial support to important local charities every year. These charities are in our neighbourhood and are relied upon by so many local people, therefore we are eager to see what they will achieve with our support in the coming year.”

If you know of a Leicestershire or Warwickshire based charity that may benefit from the Society’s support in the coming years, the window for applying for grants will open from November. Please visit this page for more information.