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Society’s climate strategy hailed as an example by Finance Frontiers

The Society’s climate strategy came into to sharp focus in 2019 when CEO Colin Fyfe and Operational Risk and Climate Manager Clare White decided to introduce an Environmental Committee, with the desire of becoming a local market leading business for engaging with customers and its local communities on environmental issues. Four years on Finance Frontiers share our story with the world in a thought-provoking series of videos exploring how the finance sector is innovating to tackle global issues.

Finance Frontiers were invited to visit Hinckley and Rugby’s HQ to learn about the positive changes the Society has made. They also join our Green Team at one of the local schools we have visited, where we’re teaching children about how homes can be retrofitted to mitigate climate change, and to plant a tree in the school grounds to add to the local green canopy.

“It’s been an exciting journey and we want to share the knowledge we’ve gained. We’re keen to work with small local businesses and tell our story, which will hopefully enable others to do what we have done.”

Clare White

The Finance Frontiers series, which is produced in association with the London Institute of Baking and Finance (LIBF), aims to find an answer to what the financial services industry can do to mitigate climate change and protect the planet for generations to come. The documentary series features additional films focused on finding clarity in ESG investments tailored to individual’s values, the transformative power of social within community, professional benchmarking of sustainability, as well as speaking to State Street Global Advisors – a world leading asset management company, about its responsibility to its clients and to the world at large.

“The finance industry plays a pivotal role to play in driving the world in a more sustainable direction. In this new series, ’Finance Frontiers’ we’re inspired by the innovations, transformations and cutting-edge developments that demonstrate the positive impacts the finance sector can have around the globe.”  

Director of PR and Marketing at LIBF Heather Tilson