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Women’s Recognition Awards names Clare as finalist

We’re very proud of the strong female presence around the Board room and within our Senior Management team, and were happy to sign up to the Women in Finance Charter in 2018, so to hear the news that our Operational Risk and Climate Manager Clare White has been named as a finalist in the Woman in the Mortgage Industry category of the Woman’s Recognition Awards is news to get excited about.

The Woman’s Recognition Awards was launched in 2018 and supports the growing momentum for a more diverse and equal financial services community.

Clare explains how she is making a positive impact in the world of sustainability.

“I am the businesses champion for the climate change agenda and one of my key priorities is understanding how we, as a lender, can help support our members to make their homes and rental properties more sustainable. I am currently leading projects which work with external businesses that provide support and guidance to property owners by planning their retrofitting journey.Also, I firmly believe in the power of community engagement as a means to create positive change. One of my focuses over the past year has been to launch a “sustainable dolls house” which we take to local community events and schools. The tangible doll house is used as a tool to open conversations with children and adults to help them understand some of the changes they can make to their own properties.”

Clare has some stiff competition from other fantastic women in the industry, however we’re all right behind her and are incredibly pleased to see her recognised in an area we feel deserves real focus in our ever-changing world with so many environmental challenges.

The Society’s Chief Executive Officer Colin Fyfe said:

“We are very proud that Clare has been recognised for her climate leadership and making a difference in our local communities”.