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Hinckley & Rugby mortgage book grows in 2019

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society generated a 3.7 per cent rise in its mortgage book in 2019 and attracted an additional £45 million from savers during its financial year.

HRBS Board of Directors (l-r) Geneane Bell, HRBS Chief Customer Officer Dean Waddingham, Barbarah Mellish, HRBS Chief Executive Colin Fyfe, HRBS Chief Financial Officer Andrew Payton, Nemone Wynn-Evans, Gary Wilkinson, David Woodward and Colin Franklin

Announcing its results today [March 3] for the 12 months to 30 November 2019, Hinckley & Rugby said the rise in mortgages took its book to £696 million. The 3.7 per cent increase was higher than the 2019 overall UK mortgage market growth of 3.1 per cent.

Retail savings balances grew by 7.2 per cent to £677 million and the Building Society paid back £16 million of Term Funding Scheme borrowing to the Bank of England.

Income from mortgage payments grew by £1.1 million to £17 million (2018 £15.9 million) and mortgage advances were £163 million (2018 £182 million), including £51 million on Buy to Let mortgages (2018 £57 million).

Net interest income was £9.1 million, at a margin of 1.11 per cent (2018 1.18 per cent). Profit before tax at £0.6 million (2018 £1.2 million) was impacted by banking swap rates moving lower and staying low during the year and by fair value movements on derivative financial instruments.

Chief executive Colin Fyfe, who joined Hinckley & Rugby in November 2018, said:

“I am pleased the Society has increased its mortgage book by more than £24 million and that credit quality remains exceptional.

“The UK mortgage market in 2019 was flatter than anticipated, with consumers reluctant to make significant buying decisions. Against that backdrop, Hinckley & Rugby sought to create the right balance of lending quality, acceptable margins and appropriate volumes.

“We continue to be competitive in this market by offering a more personal service, providing more flexibility and human underwriting. The Society has also expanded the products it offers in several sectors to meet demand.

“Strengthening the Society in areas including governance, risk, compliance, finance and underwriting has laid down solid foundations for the next stages of growth.

“I served on the counters of all our branches during the year and our members were keen to tell me about the great service they receive. I’d like to thank all our 145 staff – in the branches and at head office – for their hard work and commitment to the Society’s mutual ethos of outstanding service.”

The number of borrowers in arrears on their mortgage payments by one month or more at the financial year end was 22 (2018 12), representing 0.4 per cent of all borrowers. The UK national average is 1.39 per cent. No properties were in possession during the year.

During 2019 Hinckley & Rugby moved to its new headquarters in Hinckley and welcomed in customers and community groups whilst pledging to do even more to help people and charities in its heartlands.

Throughout 2020 it will increase the number of hours its staff use to share their knowledge, skills and experience, including in a students’ programme working with local primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Colin said:

“The Society’s community work enables, in frequent ways, very good things to happen that help our extended family of members, neighbours and friends.”

During 2019 the Society launched its new environmental strategy and is leading the Building Societies Association’s thinking on climate change risk and green finance, including the retro-fitting of housing and commercial properties to work towards a carbon neutral future.

 The Society’s Annual General Meeting will take place on March 31 2020 in Rugby.

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