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Hinckley & Rugby Building Society to support ‘World Saver’ climate change initiative

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society is proud to sponsor the new climate change initiative from The Rotary Club of Rugby Dunsmore.

Rotary World Savers is an encyclopaedia of environmental actions, backed up by informative articles, that anyone can do to help ‘save the world’. The initiative shares one positive action per week, providing a clear direction on how we can all have a positive impact on the environment.

The initiative brings together like-minded people who are concerned about climate change, and answers the question ‘what can I do about climate change, plastic, and other environmental issues?’ There are actions for children, families, schools, house owners and landlords and businesses, with articles covering everything from recycling tips to larger projects such as installing solar panels.

Rotary World Savers also aims to help increase peoples’ wellbeing by helping them feel that they are part of a larger team who are actively making a difference. Those who are concerned about the environment don’t need to be a Rotarian to take part. Everyone is welcome to sign up for free to enhance their understanding of climate change issues and, through collective action, make a difference to the way humans are impacting on our environment and ecosystems.

President of The Rotary Club of Rugby Dunsmore, Mike Folly, explained how the most pressing and difficult task confronting mankind at this time is the need for climate change, but many feel powerless to contribute.

He added:

“It’s about knowing what you can do to help, and knowing that if you do take action, you will be making a difference.

“By taking part in Rotary World Savers, people will be better informed and able to discuss and initiate actions with their families, social circles and professional networks. And, as their critical mass grows, they will have a powerful voice.”

Hinckley & Rugby is particularly dedicated to the increasing call for everyone to do their bit in the fight against climate change. In its mission to become an environmentally friendly organisation, the Society recently became the first UK building society to complete Carbon Literacy training with the Association for Public Service Excellence.

Chief Executive, Colin Fyfe, also spoke at a fringe event for COP26 on the green consumer finance market and ways in which lenders can help borrowers to better understand how they can reduce their carbon footprints through their homes. Additionally, the Society introduced a range of Green Mortgages in 2021 to allow existing members to access additional borrowing at competitive rates to retrofit their properties to increase energy efficiency.

The Society joins the Rotary World Savers in its dedication to the climate change cause and looks forward to a proactive partnership to help create an environmentally friendly world.

Register your interest in becoming a Rotary World Saver at rotaryworldsavers.org today.