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Society partners with docStribute to transform customer engagement

The Society is pleased to announce our new partnership with docStribute a leading UK RegTech (Regulation Technology) company specialising in regulated document distribution solutions. This collaboration reflects our strategic goals of enhancing member engagement, reducing operational costs, and promoting environmentally sustainable practices.

At Hinckley & Rugby Building Society, we are committed to strengthening connections with our members. Through docStribute’s platform, we will be able to deliver personalised, timely, and tailored communications that resonate with individual preferences and needs. Members will have secure digital access to regulated information in an engaging format, promoting greater understanding and driving well-informed financial decisions.

The Society has a clear strategy for efficiency through digitisation across all business areas, recently we have introduced a new and improved online portal for members to manage their accounts. For the past few years our climate strategy has been leading the way in the financial sector so we are consistently seeking new ways to reduce carbon emissions and promote better climate-friendly business practices. Through the docStribute platform we are aiming to reduce the cost of document delivery by over 70%, whilst enhancing our digital transformation journey to largely remove paper and to reduce carbon use.

docStribute uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to protect the integrity of customer documents. This technology creates secure and unchangeable records of information and communication interactions, ensuring transparency and security throughout the document distribution process; providing peace of mind for both the Society and our members.

Chris Ansara, CEO of docStribute, commented on the partnership:

“We are excited about our collaboration with Hinckley & Rugby Building Society. This is the third Building Society customer for us and reflects the priority Building Societies put on customer engagement. Our innovative approach means we can quickly reduce cost and carbon usage, whilst enhancing customer experience, and we are already distributing over 5 million documents a year. We very much look forward to helping other financial services firms do the same.”

Barry Carter, Chief Executive Officer added:

“This partnership with docStribute aligns with our commitment to provide outstanding customer service, as a truly customer centric organisation. It allows us to communicate with our members in the way they want whilst at the same time improving our operational efficiency, reducing costs, and lowering our carbon footprint.”