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Identification requirements

Opening an account by post for new customers

We need to confirm the identity of every customer who applies for an account with the Society. We do this to protect you against the risk of identity fraud and to comply with money laundering regulations.

We will normally carry out an electronic check to confirm the identity of all new customers. For postal applications, a second piece of documentation from the list below ‘Proof of your address’ will be required or alternatively a deposit by cheque drawn on your own personal bank account. We may however, ask you to provide us with additional identification, if the electronic check is unable to confirm your identity, for example, if you have recently moved, changed your name or are under 18.

If you are required to provide additional identification you must supply two items acceptable to the Society to verify your name and address. If you think you will need to provide identification, please contact the Society’s helpline to discuss identification requirements. Telephone 01455 251234 and ask to speak to the Savings Department.

The Society will be unable to open your postal account until we have completed identification procedures.

Proof of your address

All documents must be originals and must show your full name and address. Documents printed from the Internet are not acceptable.

• *Recent utility bill (excluding mobile phones)

• Local authority Council Tax demand letter or statement (valid for the current year)

• *Recent UK based bank, building society or credit card statement

• Most recent evidence of: entitlement to a state or local authority funded benefit, HMRC Tax Credit, State Pension, Government issued educational or other grant

• *Recent letter from the manager of a care home confirming residency

* For an item listed as ‘Recent’ this means not more than 3 months old.

Please click here for information on identification requirements specific to our Business Accounts.

Please note that if you are opening an account in one of our branches our identification requirements are different to that stated above, for further information on our branch locations please use our branch map.