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Managing payments – safe ways to allow others to pay on your behalf

The Payments Council has led a project involving banks, building societies, trade bodies and charities to enhance support customers who need a 3rd party to make payments or withdraw cash from their account on their behalf.

Whether it’s because of illness, accident or disability, some customers need the help of other people to withdraw cash or make payments from their current or savings account on their behalf. New research has found that the majority of people needing assistance to make payments due to illness, capability or mobility challenges, are putting themselves at risk of fraud by sharing their card and PIN – more than half of those surveyed were also not aware of each of the safer options to make payments.

At the same time, honest and hardworking carers are putting themselves at risk of suspicion of fraud or financial abuse as they are being given access to someone else’s accounts without any formal permission to do so or any record that they can use to prove that they have acted honestly.

To download a copy of the Payments Council guide for consumers, called ‘Managing payments – safe ways to allow others to pay on your behalf’, please click here.