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Savings take centre stage at local Society with UK Savings week  

Yellow and green illustration of the UK Savings Week logo with the dates 18th - 24th September 2023.

The Building Society Association’s annual campaign aiming to highlight the importance of savings is back from the 18th – 24th September, and with savings rates back to the level last witnessed in early 2008, but personal finances under increased pressure, the timing couldn’t be better.  

Starting good habits early can set us up for life. Hinckley & Rugby have been working with local schools providing financial education sessions to young people for years. But what about those of us who didn’t receive those lessons, or those who have let their good habits slip?  

Statistics state that over one third of adults in the UK have little or no savings, and a large percentage of those who do, don’t nurture them in the way they could. 

UK Savings Week is here to remind us all to keep a close eye on our money, whether through teaching us good savings habits, providing tips to make things easier, or ensuring our money is working as hard as it can be.

This year the campaign is challenging us all to:

  • Set a goal – encouraging us all to review our finances and set a monthly target. 
  • Make it a habit – remove the hassle by setting up monthly payments. 
  • Reward yourself – to help you remain motivated.  

To find out more about the savings challenge, or for information, hints and tips to make the most of your money visit uksavingsweek.co.uk

Hinckley & Rugby Savings Manager, Melanie Aspden, said:

“We all know savings are important but it’s easy to let things slip, especially when the demands on our money increase. This week is great reminder for us all to reassess what we’ve got, how we can make it easy to manage our money and achieve the rewards we deserve.” 

Throughout the week Hinckley & Rugby’s branch teams, as always, will be on hand to help you review your savings, open new accounts, or discuss the various ways we can help saving become second nature. Be sure to ask about regular monthly savings using a workplace savings scheme, or setting up your own personal regular payments to help you realise your goals.  

To find out more visit our UK Savings Week page or visit your local branch or agency.